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Elite IV Lounge
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 (833) 383-5483
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Medical Spa Denver, Co

IVs are revolutionary. They're the new way of getting your fluids, nutrients, and medications in a very quick manner. Elite IV Lounge is a medical spa that uses the IV to help you improve your life. With our IV bar, we give you what your body needs fast. This includes the electrolytes we tend to lose when we're busy working out or when we're hungover. We also offer services designed to help you fight the cold or flu. So come to boost your immune system and feel your best today! 

Vitamin IV Services

Our clients consist of people like you, including travelers, busy parents, athletes, corporate employees, entertainers, college students, nightlifers, wedding partiers, and those who just can't seem to acclimate to the altitude in Denver, CO. Our vitamin IV services help each of these people improve the quality of their lives so that they can get the nutrients and hydration their bodies need with minimal time and effort.

Our Services Help With

  • Hangover recovery
  • Altitude sickness
  • Athletic recovery
  • Athletic performance
  • Cold & flu symptoms

Be sure to ask about our mobile business. We will visit your team or group if you book online. This service is great for athletes (especially training groups), corporate offices (especially around cold/flu season), bachelor/bachelorette parties (hangovers), etc.

Also, check out our memberships where you can combine services and get discounted costs. These range anywhere from $59 up to $399 and include a variety of choices in IV bags, shots, boosts, and a service of your choice.

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Our IV bar address is 1229 S Pearl St in Denver, CO. If you have any questions before you stop by, give us a call at (833) 383-5483. We're happy to answer any questions and respond to any concerns you might be having about vitamin IV services. We're excited to help you feel awesome!

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Business Hours:

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Last appointments accepted at 5:30 p.m.